"I recently purchased Marc's workshop and was surprised at how insightful he is. He is genuine and cares about helping other people succeed. The information that Marc gives is great and he has tips that I haven't heard from anyone else. I have done a lot of education regarding social media growth, and this is one of the best courses out there! And at a great price! I highly recommend it as it is worth every penny!" - Jessica Oltman

"I'll cut right to the chase. You simply don't get this "real world" experience in online workshops. Marc has lived through his workshop and is sharing invaluable content that has already changed how I manage my accounts. If you are on the fence about this, DO IT!" - Annie Warton

My Social Media Workshop!

If you own your own business, work in digital marketing or social media, or are simply wanting to learn more about how to stand out on social media, this workshop is for you! 

I have condensed 10 years of social media experience into 5 modules to help you become a social media superhero. The 5 modules include:

  • Humanizing your brand through social content

  • Building trust with your fans - the why and how

  • Maximizing your content for each platform

  • Integrating video and live content

  • The secret to social ads and real-world ROI

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to change your social behavior and start seeing a positive change immediately! 

Let's get started. Click below to sign up and purchase!

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