• Marc Babin

Monday Morning Minute | No.4 | Celebrate Success

Good morning, everyone! Happy Monday Morning Minute!

Welcome to episode 4. What a beautiful day today, here in Vienna.

Today I want to talk to you guys about something that has changed my career and given me a lot more motivation on the day-to-day. It is about celebrating the small successes. I think we call get caught up in the stress of trying to achieve that massive goal, whether in your personal life - maybe in fitness - or in your working life. But we have to celebrate the small things that keep us motivated on the day-to-day and I know it certainly has for me. I know we are always trying to achieve that top goal or that top engagement or that new PR in the gym - but you have to celebrate the small successes because that is what keeps you going and gives you motivation to finally reach that top goal. So, set those small goals and aim to reach them - and when you do, celebrate it. Do something for yourself. Reward yourself. That will motivate you in the long run. If you don't do it - start doing it. It will change your life.

That's this week. I'll see you all soon!


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