• Marc Babin

Monday Morning Minute | No.3 | THREE BIG WORDS

Good morning, everyone!

Welcome the third Monday Morning Minute. It is December, it is freezing, and I am wearing 5 layers and feel like a Marshmallow – so Happy Monday!

This week I want to talk to you about three BIG words when it comes to your social content. Authenticity; Relatability; and Humility. Now all three of these things come from the whole “real, not perfect” principle – but I really want you to embrace them when you are posting content and engaging. When you are authentic with your fans you are going to get more engagement and trust. When you can relate to your fans, you are going to get more engagement and trust. And…once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to show a little humility. Show the mistakes you make and show the learning that you do. This makes it very easy for your fans to go, “oh, I am just like that!”. It breaks down that barrier between the brand or yourself and the fans. SO, try and do those three things more and I will talk with you next week!


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