• Marc Babin

Monday Morning Minute | no.2 | Content Maximization

Good morning, everyone!

Happy Monday and welcome to the second official Monday Morning Minute. Thank you all so much for the amazing support in the first episode (and post). This week we are talking about something that really grinds my gears. It’s my biggest pet peeve on social media. When people copy and paste a post from one platform across all of their other platforms. So for example, they will take their twitter post and share the exact same thing – same image, same formatting, same hashtags, same verbiage….everything! DON’T do that.

Every platform operates differently and runs off of a different algorithm. Customize the picture formatting, the content and those hashtags to match each platform you are posting to. Yes, it takes a few extra seconds but I promise you are going to see way better results than when you just copy and paste. It’s lazy – don’t be lazy! Make the effort and make it better.

That’s this week. We will see you next Monday for another episode!


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