• Marc Babin

Monday Morning Minute | no.1 | Real, not perfect

Good morning and happy Monday, November 18th.

Welcome to the first official Monday Morning Minute! Today I want to talk to you guys about something that you will hear me talk a lot about in the future weeks. It’s the concept of real, not perfect. I think a lot of us, whether it is our personal accounts or business accounts, we get caught up in trying to portrait what we think is perfect, or a perfect self, or the perfect business account. When in reality, that’s just not real!

We get more engagement, more reach, more authentic connections when we are real! Be it in the videos you are taking, the photos you are capturing, or the content you are writing – try and be real. Use real words and put out real content. There is no perfect and if try to achieve perfect, the message is going to get lost and you won’t get what you want out of it.

So – that’s this week on Monday Morning Minute! See you guys next week!


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