• Marc Babin

Monday Morning Minute Introduction!

Good morning everyone. Marc Babin here on this beautiful Monday morning - coming to you from beautiful Vienna, Austria. I am coming on to tell you about a new piece of content that I am going to be putting out every single Monday morning called “Monday Morning Minute”. You’ll see it in video format, you’ll see it in audio podcast format, and you can read it on the blog on my website.

In these 60 seconds every Monday, I will be talking to you about my passion for social media. Social media tips, tricks, as well as digital marketing trends. Anything that I find that week that I find interesting – I am going to be posting a quick 60 second summary about it every single Monday morning. So, you can catch it wherever you are watching it now, reading it, or listening to it – but it will be up every single Monday morning for you.

I look forward to sharing my findings with you guys, no matter where in the world I am on that Monday morning and no matter where you are – hopefully, you can catch it. Let me know if you want to see anything specific and ill be sure to talk about it that following week!

See you guys next Monday!


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